Really enjoyable game and experience

Very confusing, no clue what was going on.

Quite a small game. Host made up for game being a bit bland. Odd setting in a pub.

Don’t get the hype. Was a mediocre game.

Played: 2018

Did not enjoy at all. Room too small. Game was Flawed and broken. 

Good fun but trying too hard to be clever! 

Played: 2017

Good fun, expected a different game from the initial break out, which was incredible, great use of physical puzzles. Change direction but still an enjoyable game. One of my favourites.

Fun game, few bits that required more signposting but overall a great game

Played: 2018

Tricky but interesting game. Can tell a lot of thought and time was put into the puzzles. 

Great game. Really fun and innovative and enjoyable.

Wanted to enjoy this so much as yet to play a great space game. Sadly was not what I was expecting from a tech led company. So much potential, was an ok game. 

Played: 2017

Had fun. More signposting needed for certain sections but a good fun family game.

Played: 2018

Good fun, very sterile introduction from hosts. Game was a little worn in parts and damaged which was disappointing. Overall had fun.

Played: 2018

Middle of the road game. Was hyped up a lot before playing so may have influenced enjoyment. Much better and more challenging games out there.

Played: 2018

Really fun simplistic but enjoyable game. Refreshing format, had a great time.

Played: 2018

Good flow. Was an enjoyable experience, was let down by a poor host who wasn’t responsive or engaged in our game.

Played: 2018

Enjoyable overall. Some confusion in places where it wasn’t clear what we had to do but good fun on the whole.

Played: 2018

Really didn’t enjoy. Could hear everything going on in game next door. Some sections were accidentally left unlocked. The grating on the floor meant we spent some time fishing for an item we dropped. Didn’t enjoy.

Played: 2019 Outcome: Successful escape!

Great set, interesting puzzles. Wasn’t expecting it to be so big. Staff were good too.

Played: 2017 Outcome: Successful escape!

Awful. Host was useless. Game was unsafe, locked in both doors, no way of communicating with host. 

Played: 2017 Team size: 4 Outcome: Successful escape!

Fairly basic looking set. Puzzles were fun but room looked a little tired. Staff were really nice, very professional.