Get Lost Escape Rooms: Operation Paranormal Research Anomaly Taskforce

By | June 13, 2020

by Get Lost Escape Rooms (website)

143 Snargate Street, CT17 9BZ

2-6 players


60-120 mins
You are part of the Paranormal Research Anomaly Taskforce. You have been contacted by the infamous Dr Richard Hole to assist in his latest paranormal palaver. Dr R Hole has somehow found himself in a pickle, he appears to have picked up a paranormal pal. He’s issued a desperate plea for help in banishing his unwanted guest as it is proving to be quite the nuisance. Particularly when he’s having some issues keeping PRAT running! Do you have what it takes to identify and eradicate the bothersome ghost
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Get Lost have also been running their Krevokar game as a remote avatar experience, but Operation PRAT (Paranormal Research Anomaly Team) is their first online digital game. I found it a curious one to play, in that my initial impression of it was quite different to how the majority of the game turned out.
It's often a good idea for a game to throw the players a quick win or two early on. That not only helps nervous players get into it, it also helps establish how the game works; the first puzz...
This game put puzzles and fun ahead of everything else and created a really fun, family-friendly game. The websites are rough around the edges but functional and everything worked as it should. Well done Get Lost!
The ghost-hunting part ends up being quite incidental to the plot, but that didn’t mar our enjoyment at all. The tongue-in-cheek style may have its knockers
When all was said and done, there was very little to fault with this game - great story line, enjoyable humour, some nice video and audio touches and some brilliant puzzles. Don't be a PRAT and miss this one!

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