An extremely exciting and immersive room. Not much else close to this that I've seen. Loved it.
This has the potential to be really great, but needs a bit more work. The sense of exploration is unusual and fun, as the room is on multiple levels (very cool).  However, a couple of things I found to be real logical leaps. Also, there's a puzzle taken wholesale from a room that is in the  top 100 on EtR. Naughty! 
Theming is fine, but puzzles somewhat lacking. eg. find an item and it has a number written on it. That's the padlock code. Meh.
Fun enough diversion for an afternoon. 
Team size: 2 Time taken: 50
Wow, what a blast. I can see why people might not like the puzzles but if you like immersion, extremely cool sets, special effects etc then you'll love this.
Some very, very cool bits. Let down a little bit by some weird, slightly illogical (to me) puzzles.
What an amazing room. Non stop puzzles and lots of fun. This is up there in my top 3 escape rooms. Brilliant
A very magical atmosphere and some genuine surprises make this a lovely game. Nice to see a magical room that isn't just Harry Potter style, too. 
Really cute game that would be suitable for families and anyone trying an ER for the first time. Spot on hosting and venue.
Really fun theme and some quirky puzzles. This is a tough game for a small group and definitely Riddlr's most challenging game. 
This is a community project, and as such it does feel a bit churlish saying anything negative, but it's a very basic room.
This is a shocker! My least favourite room to date. Note to self : don't play rooms that are in in bowling alleys.
Really nicely themed game! They've done a great job making this feel authentic.  Didn't have time to play any more here but will be back for sure. 
Friendly hosts and some nice bits. Good venue well worth a visit. 
About as good as it gets with online games. Very high production value and lots of fun. 

Really nice themed room with some fun puzzles! Very immersive and a few fun ideas I've not seen before. Really like Break Escape... a gem in Loughborough for sure.

Played this for my 50th game and had a blast. A touch on the dark side, but other than that, cannot recommend enough. Look forward to seeing what this venue do next as they have plenty of room for some more games.

Lovely game, with some very cool stuff and a real sense of fun. This is a very physical game, so no good if you have mobility issues. Best venue in Edinburgh? Yep. 

Probably the Lockedin room that gets the least attention, but super fun nonetheless. Lockedin Edinburgh is one of my favourite venues in the country. Bravo!


I liked this very much. Very passionate owner/GM and a real sense of sleuthing. 


What an amazing start to the game!
Really enjoyed this. Great theming and lots of puzzles. A bit heavy on the searching, but we knew that in advance (thanks EtR!) so bought our A game and it was fine.
Break Escape seem to be a bit below the radar for some reason, but if all the games are as good as this I'll be back to play the rest!

value for moneyimmersivestory-driven

Really enjoyed this creepy game!  Great fun and very immersive. 

Area 51 1/2 was booked so we did this instead, and was very pleasantly surprised as hadn't heard much buzz about it. Lots to do over quite a big space. We came out sweating! Very friendly staff.

A nice enough game but a very bad "self-serve" clue system. Luckily we only needed one clue.

Two reset errors which the GM tried to laugh off. A mechanism that could have been quite cool failed to work properly which meant GM entering the room to fix, again as if it was funny to him. Could also hear him on his phone for some of the game.
Game was fine if a little confusing in places.

Really enjoyed this and can't wait to get back to play more rooms here.
Very cool immersive game, with a high energy ending. GMs absolutely on point too.

A game that belongs in 2016 and should really be replaced.

Very fun game with varied puzzles and excellent decor.

Nothing particularly bad about this game, but nothing particularly mind-blowing either. It feels a bit harsh giving it three stars, but three stars on EtR isn't a bad thing. It means the game is fun, but isn't going to change your life.

This is a very underrated game. It's a puzzle-fest kind of room, designed to keep you busy the whole time. Unique entomology theme. Good for kids too as there is quite a bit of searching to be done.  

Team size: 2 Time taken: 45

Wow, this was fun! Adventurous use of space, logical puzzles and a few jumps along the way. GM was great too. The fear factor wasn't too intense, either - I found it more funny than scary.


What a beautiful room, and such interesting puzzle! 5 stars +


I wish there were more games like this. It's a room inspired by Lewis Carroll, rather than one of his books. Lots of creative puzzles, and an excellent set. TimeTrap are in a class of their own.

beautifulstory-drivenfamily friendly

Non stop puzzles! Nothing too difficult, but they keep on coming!! A hidden gem in Wales.

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