The Escapement: The Network

By | March 31, 2020

by The Escapement (website)

65 Northdown Road, CT9 2RJ

1-6 players


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Cynthia Binks and her team are MIA. Escapement Network Agents will initiate Protocol 7 in the event that they have been compromised, if this is not the case, then we can assume those agents have been lost in the field.
Our current status is at Alert 9, the first time in 30 years. Safe house operations, Street frontages and headquarters are either closed or in limited operation until the Alert 9 situation is under control.
The Alert was raised following intelligence that would suggest the Network has been infiltrated and information is being leaked to an unknown source.
The Quartz device has started to communicate with 8 unknown locations, this could have only have happened if our research had been leaked.
From the computer records we believe a small group of low level network agents could be responsible. We need you to find out who they are, why they are leaking information and who got to them!
Your first person of interest is Noah W. Previously an employee of Grimhilde Mining Corp and joined The Escapement with the Intelligence migration in 2017. Research this individual, make contact and find out why he's being interrogated.
We’re counting on you.
Your box game will contain everything you need to unearth the secrets of The Network.
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In this recent rush of online games, The Network is an exception, because it’s so very physical. There are important elements delivered in your browser, including the audio and video that provide the story, but each of its three stages are primarily driven by the papers and items delivered in the main game box. And it’s quite some box - an absolutely luscious embossed container that had me excited about the game the moment I saw it.
Unwrapping the game is a thrill, and there are few box games y...
With a well thought out story, great puzzles, and beautifully curated parts, The Network gets you as close to immersion as possible for a play at home game.

The visuals are very slick, very modern. We're far from Unlock!'s brigthly-colored boxes. Likewise, the video sequences are well-made. [...] The price point is a concern, especially for us Canadians.

The Network hits all the right marks but ultimately wasn’t my cup of tea for theme or mechanics, but that’s purely down to personal preference. The game is premium quality and there’s solid sleuthing to be had. But that all-seeing eye on the box hinted at an entirely different experience to what we had.

I’d recommend this for fans of detective mystery boxes who want a hint of escape room puzzles with their experience. If you lean slightly more towards traditional puzzle solving, do a bit more research before commiting.

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