Pressure Point Escape Rooms: Murder on the Dancefloor

By | March 20, 2019

by Pressure Point Escape Rooms (website)

First Floor Offices, 2C New Rents, TN23 1JH


2-6 players

60 minutes

Its 1978, the ‘Gift of Groove’ disco dance competition has ended and the King of Groove has been crowned. Whilst most rejoice, some seek retribution! As you celebrate and enjoy your night, a quick breath of fresh air is required…
You go to head back in, but police flood the scene. Everyone is evacuated. You hear ‘The King is Dead!’ amongst the rushing rabble. With all your belongings inside, there is no way for you and your friends to get home. You find another way in and you can’t help but have a snoop around. Your curiosity gets the better of you.
What you are about to find inside is not groovy…
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The final game in our schedule at Pressure Point was their 70s disco murder mystery, Murder on the Dancefloor. The winner of a dance competition has been murdered, and, as a group of disco stars yourselves, you decide to sneak into the dancehall and get to the bottom of what happened.
It's actually a game of two halves, with your first task being to find a way into the disco hall for your investigation. I'd describe that as a warm-up section, but it's more substantial than that. Whereas the lat...
An absolute joy to play. Interesting theme, beautiful execution, good, logical puzzles and plenty of humour thrown in. I don't know what Pressure Point's magic is, but they make games that just seem to flow really well and where you come out on a high.
Pressure Point have designed a special game, full of humour and clever puzzles, with a fantastic set and fun music, and we're just sad that we can’t play it again

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