This is the point where I’d explain what an escape room is, but if you’re looking at this site, you probably know that already, right? If not, find one near you and go book into it. I promise you’ll like it.

We aim for reviews that are:

  • completely free of spoilers
  • written by people who’ve played a lot of games (mostly between 250 and 500…), and have a good sense of what works well and what doesn’t
  • based on more than one person’s opinion, where possible

All reviews are written by our review team, which consists of Toby, Pris, Lewis and Sam (though you may also find contributions from Chris, Eda and Karen as well).

A note on our rating system

Firstly, all ratings are intended for people who play a lot of escape rooms. If you’ve never played one before, then you’ll very likely love even one of the ones we’ve given a low rating. Let me emphasise that:

On TripAdvisor or other review sites aimed at the general public, almost every single room reviewed here deserves a 5* review. But a long list of 5* ratings isn’t useful, so our rating scale is deliberately harsher.

Secondly, the quality of an escape room is partly subjective. So we aim to have more than one person give their opinion of the room, and the headline ratings that we display show both the lowest and the highest rating given. So for example, rating_25_40 means that one person gave the room a 2.5 / 5 rating and the other person gave it a 4 / 5 rating. (Why not just take the average? Because there’s a huge difference between a room that both people thought was average, and one where they had radically different opinions.)

As a rough guide to interpreting the ratings:

  • rating_10_10 Badly flawed, not recommended
  • rating_20_20 Disappointing, maybe still fun but let down by some elements
  • rating_30_30 Good, definitely worth visiting
  • rating_40_40 Outstanding, highly recommended
  • rating_50_50 A truly exceptional room – go if you possibly can!