CTRL ALT ESC: Frankenscape

By | March 20, 2019

by CTRL ALT ESC (website)

4 Cliff terrace, CT9 1RU


2-8 players

90 mins
Genuis inventor Alec Smart and his assistant Tricity have gone missing.
In his workshop nothing is where is should be.
The strange force they have invented ‘Alectricity’ has the ability to create life itself… but only when lightening strikes.
A thunderstorm is coming and has been forecast to last 90 minutes. With Alec and Tricity nowhere to be found, you team need to finish his work before the storm passes, or risk forfeiting this ground breaking discovery.
You have 90 minutes to finish creating ‘The Monster’ who is the only one who can reveal your escape
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What's not to love about a Victorian-style mad scientist's laboratory? Your job is to finish the work started by a missing genius, before a thunderstorm blows over - something to do with building a Monster...
An unexpected start provided a nice lead-in to what's initially quite a traditional style of escape room, involving some searching and unlocking of drawers and cupboards, and items to collect to turn into a code - though not a code for a padlock, since the venue makes a point of not using ...
Pretty much everything you could want in an escape room: plenty of logical puzzles, great theming, humour and a thrilling finale. Plus - and this almost always seems to be a sign of a good room - it's ninety minutes long, so there's more time to build up the atmosphere.
We thought their other room 'Spacescape' was great - this was better! A solid room with an impressive ending
Sometimes a game will try something new and clever, and it’ll be wonderful and raise the game to new heights. Sometimes a game will try something new and clever and it’ll crash and burn leaving the game a disaster. Ctrl-Alt-Esc try something new and clever and it works just fine, but you sort of wonder why they bothered.
A genius inventor has gone missing, and you need to finish his monstrous experiments before the thunderstorm ends, OK? Oh, don't mind that severed hand...

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