The Escapement: Egyptian Exodus

By | March 20, 2019

by The Escapement (website)

65 Northdown Road, CT9 2RJ


2-6 players

90 mins
You are archaeologists, excavating the lost tomb of Ramses iii, so far, all of those who have entered the tomb have not returned. The tomb is guarded heavily by Anubis, God of the underworld.
Gravediggers and previous archaeologist have been rampageous in their efforts to discover the lost tomb, the whole crypt is in diss array.
Do everything you can to help Anubis and please the gods. But be careful, we know that Anubis is easily angered.
Your mission is to find and restore the missing canopic jars and allow the pharaoh to pass safely into the afterlife in order to make your escape.
Not your typical escape room – Egyptian Exodus requires multiple sensory inputs – including smell, touch, sound, and light.
This room comes with two settings – hard & extreme.
Our rooms are highly immersive and theatric, we want you to feel as though you are on a movie set!
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If you've played a fair number of escape rooms, you've probably seen the inside of several Egyptian pyramids. While you can be pretty confident they'll be liberally decorated with hieroglyphics, there's plenty of variation in style, light levels and layout. Occasionally you even find one with actual sand for the floor - such as The Escapement's take on the theme. I happily played barefoot in meticulously clean sand that comfortably outclasses what you'll find on Margate's nearby beach.
Trapped ...
An immersive game that also delivers on the puzzle front - maybe not in numbers but in quality and difficulty. A great experience although let down by a slightly flat finish. Still highly recommend, though.
The team have clearly put a lot of thought into this experience, and Exodus is one not to be missed.
I guess it’s appropriate for a game in a seaside town like Margate to be covered in sand, to the point of giving you the option to play barefoot if that’s your thing. The tons of sand is the first thing you’ll notice about Egyptian Exodus, the second is the rest of the set: it’s a stunning set up, more movie set than typical escape room, making it a lovely place to be puzzling for an hour. You’re attempting to find the missing canopic jars and lift the curse of Anubis, which is both on-theme and provides a handy way of tracking your progress through the game, with each strand of puzzles delivering a jar at the end of it.
Want to get sand between your toes without a day at the beach? Get yourselves down to The Escapement in Margate and... Walk like an Egyptian

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