The Escapement: Pirates of Polaris

By | March 20, 2019

by The Escapement (website)

65 Northdown Road, CT9 2RJ


2-6 players

90 mins
Trapped onboard the ship Polaris, you and your crew of have been thrown in the brig, however, there’s been a mutiny onboard and all remaining crew members have abandoned ship!
Navigate the stars and the seas and figure out how to sail the ship through thunder bolts and lighting back to land!
This room contains flashing lights – please let us know if you require this feature to be removed from the game.
Pirates Of Polaris features genuine artefacts and items from a 130-year-old ship – Polaris. Our rooms are highly immersive and theatric, we want you to feel as though you are on a movie set!
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First of the three games I played at The Escapement, Pirates of Polaris places you in the brig of a pirate galleon, abandoned by the crew and left to go down with the ship, unless you can find a way to escape. The venue has achieved quite a reputation amongst enthusiasts, and it was instantly clear why: Pirates is a beautiful game that starts well and never misses a beat.
As the website description states, some of the decor is taken from an actual antique ship, from which the game takes its nam...
A review of Pirates of Polaris, an excellent escape room which managed to deliver both an atmospheric set and great puzzles.
This room is beautiful, it really is, and when a room uses genuine artifacts there is no doubt you are in for a treat
The Escapement make very little noise about the fact that much of Pirates of Polaris is constructed from an actual 130-year-old ship, the Polaris. It’s something we didn’t find out about until after our game, but it does go some way to explaining how good the theming in this room is.

Can you steer the ship in the right direction?

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