Tulleys Escape Rooms & Games: Nethercott Manor

By | March 20, 2019

by Tulleys Escape Rooms & Games (website)

Turners Hill Road, Turners Hill, RH10 4PE


2-8 players

60 minutes

The old manor house is entwined with local legend, the living don’t remember the Nethercott’s, the family’s hay day was long ago. Local folk talked, whispers were heard, rumours began, lights were seen within.
The Nethercott’s are long gone but something remains, an essence, a smell, a feeling, it’s in the fabric, in the walls, under the floor boards … it ticks, it creeks … take a trip into the past, uncover the family’s many secrets and glimpse their fleeting souls?
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Nethercott Manor, the third game from Tulleys Escape Rooms, has sat at the top of my must-play game list ever since it opened, while garnering one rave review after another; it's currently the highest ranked game on this site by player reviews. And it thoroughly lived up to expectations - with one very glaring problem, that will bother some players greatly and others not at all.
Tulleys' usual superb production values are on display from the outset. The briefing takes place inside the room, but...
From the moment the game started, I knew it was going to be something special. An experience that takes you on an incredible journey with a high-quality set and an unbelievable number of puzzles.
Tulleys have clearly spent an inordinate amount of both time and money to make this an experience that you are not likely to forget, and it has certainly paid off
We head into a creepy old manor house. What will we find inside...?

You can tell that a lot of effort was put into room decoration and it fitted the theme well. This is certainly an amazing premium experience!

Puzzles were varied a nice mix of physical and mental puzzles.

This room definitely lived up to its five star difficulty rating with so many puzzles crammed inside that there were many moments that we were sure we’d never reach the end! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with lots of variety to the puzzles and the spooky atmosphere really added to the tension.

I love a challenge, and this was certainly that, despite not completing the room I thoroughly enjoyed it, which is odd, as I really like winning, beautiful looking room, really well themed, some good and challenging puzzles, apparently we only got around 2/3 of the way through, may return to replay this one when I've had time to forget the puzzles a bit more, as I'd like to see it to the end. 


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