Really good fun and for a great cause too - would highly recommend!

Team size: 3 players Time taken: 1 hour Outcome: Successful escape!

An almost completely mobile based game made it a little hard to play with our family team of 3 but the plot was refreshing and exciting!

Played: 01/10/2020 Team size: 2 Time taken: 45 mins Outcome: Successful escape!

We played this game shortly after watching the film and felt like it perfectly continued 'the adventure', as a puzzle based sequel. Recommended for teens/young adults and beginners :)

Played: 8th June

We love a murder mystery in this house and enjoyed sorting through all the evidence to bring a cold case to a close. Took around 1hr30 and would recommend.

Played: 14/07/2020 Time taken: 30 mins

A bit tricky to follow! Half the team gave up and did not want to finish this one.

Played: 20/06/2020 Team size: 3

Love the 80s! A fun arcade based game with 4 levels and a bonus thumb war level at the end. We completed it in around an hour and a half once all was told. A great game for families and kids.

Played: 16/06/20 Team size: 6

An immersive experience where you must hunt for a secret art thief across the internet and whilst searching through evidence.

Played: 16/06/2020 Team size: 4 Time taken: 59 minutes

Really enjoyed this one! A cross between a whodunnit and a classic escape room.

A particularly beautiful boxed game with exciting puzzles and a great theme! Would recommend.

A great example of a play at home game you do not have to print

Very fun case-solving game, this time a heist

Great value for money but some painful puzzles in there you cannot bypass!

A great all round escape room - brilliant fun and loved the theming

WE love a murder mystery - this one was quite enjoyable and great value for money.

A bit different and some really interesting puzzles in this one

We enjoyed this one a lot! Absolutely charming.

Very exciting! Had a good hour with this one

A fun an enjoyable game with some unique puzzles!