Escape Hunt Play At Home: An Enola Holmes Adventure

By | September 24, 2020

by Escape Hunt Play At Home (website)

1-6 players

The game is afoot! Players have the opportunity to join Enola Holmes' new detective agency - if they can prove their skill as detectives of course. Individuals displaying intelligence, bravery, and a degree of cunning are highly desired for the post.
Armed with only a map of London, a newspaper, and your wits, chase Enola investigating iconic locations including Covent Garden, Bond Street and 221b Baker Street.
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If you watched the film, you'll recognize the usage of the newspaper in the puzzles. It was a great way to connect the puzzle pieces and eventually evolve into a meta puzzle. We really enjoyed the "detective vibe" that it gave off since there were definitely moments of searching, investigating and visualizing throughout the journey. The puzzles were not difficult and you could definitely play this with your kids. Perhaps they might even see some clues that you might have missed!  

Overall Takeaway: The great quality you expect from Escape Hunt's print & play games, combined with the appeal of the latest Netflix blockbuster film, and throw in a pinch of "come on, now, this is gratis!", just download this already! The PDF file, once downloaded, is yours to keep. So play it when you're ready, before OR after watching the flick. You decide!
When all is said and done, this is certainly up there with my favourite print at home games. As ever, getting a real wow factor proves difficult, however the combination of the escape puzzles and an accompanying Netflix movie certainly goes a long way to fill that void. A great collection of beautifully designed puzzles, suitable for all, which hit a home run in my household. Get out your magnifying glass and check this one our for sure!   

An Enola Holmes Adventure was a load of fun. The game perfectly encapsulated that spirit of light-hearted adventure that made the film so enjoyable.

I’d recommend this game to anyone who likes the film and wants to have a crack at solving their own mystery. I’d say its challenge level is better suited to families, but it makes for an excellent way to round out movie night for anyone.

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