60out: Miss Jezebel

By | May 12, 2020

by 60out (website)

2-5 players

£91.00 $125.00

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Winner of a 2020 TERPECA award
Have you ever watched a movie and yelled at the screen hoping the actors would listen to you? Due to the current lockdown, you'll get that chance! Miss Jezebel is proud to present its virtual remote play. This adults only interactive theater allows players to participate from the comfort of their own home using the video streaming service Zoom. You and your friends will control the main actor through his actions and dialogue, as he goes undercover in the lair of the infamous black widow, Miss Jezebel. Will you be able to help the detective navigate this raunchy adventure?
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For all my escape room addiction, there are few games that I'd play at 7am on a Sunday morning; and the arch, risqué story of Miss Jezebel makes it much better suited for a Friday night. But it had been recommended strongly enough that I was going to find a way to play it by hook or by crook, and with players and game split across three continents and four timezones, the early option was the only one that worked.
Our host wasted no time in setting the scene: he was a detective on the trail of a...
Here we go: my addiction is back with full force! I just finished the most WTF escape I've ever played! It's Saturday 7:15 A.M. and my alarm clock rings, to go to work? No! For my fix. "Hi, I'm Snow and I'm addicted to escape games. I haven't booked anything in 69 days. 69... I should have known that number was going to be fatal." 60 out is an escape room in Los Angeles. They offer 12 different adventures in 7 different locations around the city, but for this'...

Miss Jezebel challenged our creativity and especially our improvisational skills. In the end, we had the feeling that the game was playing us instead of us playing it. This is something you have to like and is certainly not for everyone. This is far from a classic Escape Room experience. Even by remote escape room standards. Really unique.

This is the best hour you’ll ever spend alone on the internet. [We know what we said.]

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This has all the raunchy humor and sexual content of a drag show; if that is something you’re uncomfortable with, you’ll want to skip this one. Otherwise, even if you’re on the fence or reluctant to do an avatar-led room, I can’t recommend this room enough. It’s a truly memorable and hilarious experience and, at the time of this writing, is one of my favorite escape room experiences ever. You have to do this room, you won’t be disappointed.

Miss Jezebel was a one-of-a-kind, actor-driven game that combined immersive theater and escape-room-esque gameplay with delightful results.

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