Elgin Escape: Murder Mansion

By | April 8, 2020

by Elgin Escape (website)

14 Harrow Inn Close, IV30 1BP


The death of a young housemaid at Palmer mansion house was under suspicious circumstances. The local police department closed the case after spending a year trying to solve the mystery. Palmer mansion now stands boarded up and abandoned at the top of the hill and nobody dares to enter for the fear of what lies within. You as a new crime scene forensic detective have always had an interest in the case. Wishing to solve the case and make a good impression you decide to adventure into the building to investigate for yourself. Who knows what you may find hidden inside the mansion locally known as the "Murder Mansion".
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Elgin Escape's online game takes you, an freshly-minted and enthusiastic detective, into a boarded up old mansion that was the site of a murder that's gone unsolved by all previous attempts... which frankly suggests that previous detectives didn't put in much of an effort, because c'mon guys, the clues are right there. 😉 The creepy setting suggests a possible turn to the supernatural, but this is a murder story not a ghost story.
This is another linear game where each solution unlocks th...
We were pleasantly surprised by this game, ok the puzzles were on the easier side but the way we could both interact with the puzzles made for an enjoyable half an hour

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