Escape Hunt Play At Home: The School of Magic

By | June 4, 2020

by Escape Hunt Play At Home (website)

2-6 players


Brackendel School of Magic needs you!

It’s graduation day and your whole school is gearing up for a big celebration. But without warning, your school comes under attack by a powerful practitioner of the mystic arts.

Can you and your fellow classmates save the school before it’s too late?
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But as the genre of ‘wizard escape rooms’ go, this one isn’t bad at all! It has absolutely charming illustrations and it toes the line of Harry Potter better than others on the market (meaning there’s no “Henry Potter”, or “Professor Grumbledore”, you instead meet brand new characters in a brand new school that sits seamlessly in the Harry Potter universe without breaking immersion). In fact, to take that further I’d like to imagine that the Brackendel School of Magic is another alongside Hogwarts in the UK. If Hogwarts be Eton, I reckon I’d have gone to Brackendel.

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