Agent November: Virtual X-caper

By | April 8, 2020

by Agent November (website)

4-10 players

Team of 4: £56.00
Team of 6: £84.00

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Winner of a 2020 TERPECA award
The Museum of Secrets has been robbed!
The security guard at the Museum, Mr. E, has been murdered!
International jewel thief Robyn Yew has escaped with precious artefacts, including the priceless 'Pandora Diamond'!
An EMP device, designed by friend of the agency, Major X-Ploe Shun, has been planted at the scene, threatening to wipe out all of our communications!
Our illustrious leader, Agent November himself, was hot on the trail of Robyn Yew (after a tip-off from the ever-faithful Major X) hoping Robyn Yew would lead him straight to the whereabouts of the devious mastermind of the entire plot, our sworn enemy, Marty Orri!
Sadly, Marty Orri was one step ahead of us and Agent November has been captured!
We believe he is being held at the headquarters of Marty Orri, the exact room in which he planned all of these heinous crimes. Little does Marty Orri know, Agent November has been fitted with the very latest high-tech, proprietary auditory and optical implants, meaning we can see what he sees and hear what he hears.
We need you to tap into that audio and visual feed and help Agent November escape from Marty Orri's lair before the satellite moves out of position and we lose our link up!
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„Ok cool, the Avatar is inputing the code in the keypad, and the keypad is making the usual beeps. …wait, is the Avatar making those beep sounds?“
Agent November’s Virtual X-Caper is a standout in the world of remote escaping, filled with humour, spy drama, and of course, some pleasing puzzles

We really liked how the game started as it didn't feel like we were going to play a remote escape room. We were put in a real situation where we were sent to help a captured agent. This was the only remote room so far that made me feel like I was part of the avatar (like a voice inside his head).

Agent November VIRTUAL X-CAPER is a really effective concept for a simple remote escape room for the price and the way it was implemented. VIRTUAL X-CAPER is a wonderful example of how the role of the avatar can turn a rather low budget room into a well-rounded experience. 

The modest flat of a notorious super villain; London’s best secret agent held captive; I’d say the only thing needed to make this an epic spy adventure is a martini (shaken, not stirred.)
Based on previous experiences, I believe that games in London always have great actors. This could be due to either of the following reasons: Actors are London's greatest export / Anyone with a British accent sounds prestigious. Virtual X-Caper was no exception as the actor in this game was brilliant in a comedic and whimsical fashion. The game starts off with you seeing/hearing everything that your avatar sees and they did a great job in making us feel that we were in his head.

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Practically flawless! How fitting that it was my final escape room experience of 2020? I can’t think of a more appropriate way to hurl oneself into the bold new 2021 than by saving Agent November’s life and doing so with a laugh, a “wow that’s good!” and more than anything, with friends.

Virtual X-caper overall was a true masterpiece for a virtual escape room.

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