Escape Hunt Play At Home: Murder at the Mansion

By | May 8, 2020

by Escape Hunt Play At Home (website)

2-6 players


As the sole heir to the family fortune, it's up to you and your team of detectives to solve the crime. Go back to the fateful night of a lavish party at the old Blackwood estate, where Sir Charles’ body was discovered.
Can you put the suspects under the microscope to discover who did it, where and with what?
Sift through the evidence and step deep into a world of mystery and intrigue!
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I am never going to be a fan of games that are giant logic puzzles as I prefer a more diverse range of puzzles, but saying that, if you’re looking for a decent game to play with friends (remotely) then this should keep you occupied for a while
We have a murder mystery to solve in this print at home puzzle game. Can we figure out the murderer, the location and the weapon used?
The Escape Hunt play at home games are a very enjoyable experience – a nice variety of different puzzles and a great story that makes the game easy to follow. The logic grid is a great way of keeping track of your progress while you play and adds to the mystery element of the games, using each puzzle to help solve another puzzle. I’d definitely recommend these games as a great family experience which everyone can get involved in!
All-in-all, a well rounded game, with great puzzles, a strong design and good story telling. A real treat for families and enthusiasts alike, this game comes really highly recommended. Take an hour out of your day to become the detective you were born to be! 

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