Team size: 3 Time taken: 38

A decent enough game that looked pretty but I felt was let down by the GM constantly talking to us on the mic. "You'll need that later", "No need to apply force to that!" (We weren't) as well as coming in extremely quickly with hints for a couple of things where we had barely had any time to consider a solution. One of the physical puzzles I solved in 3 seconds - not sure if by chance. One hint came at the end at the same time we had realised what to do, and even though we still had 20 minutes remaining on the clock.  Maybe these shiny chain venues are so used to "normal" players that the default is to spoon-feed players. Either way, doesn't inspire us to try more Escape Hunt rooms.

This game (in Cardiff at least) is huge, which really aids with the immersion. Game flow is linear so would suggest a smaller group.

Boring, plain linear room. The team photos you see online do not represent the experience as the way the photo opportunity area is decorated is far more intricate than the rooms themselves. The overall experience is extremely corporate and impersonal. Please don't bother. 

A fun game in a bit of an untidy venue.  If you want a challenge don't read the little laser cut wooden things that you find as you go as they basically tell you what to do next.

I'd rate this higher as it was a well themed game with a funny ending but it was a bit too cramped a space for our team of 4. I'd recommend 3 people max. 

Huge space and lots of interesting and fun puzzles. 

Weird room with puzzles nothing to do with the theme (eg. Involving chess, a piano, a bicycle...) as well as general knowledge such as knowing details about the British Royal family. An experience we'll be talking about for a while, but for all the wrong reasons.

Played: 12 Mar 2022

Genuinely had a blast playing this colourful, charming, whimsical and game. Families with younger kids will love this (I'm forty something and loved it). 

Incredible theming, a real adventure. Not one for the hardcore puzzlers but everyone else will have a blast. 

Team size: 2 Time taken: 41

Cute, whimsical room. A little on the tatty side but on the flipside, extremely cheap. We enjoyed.

Nicely themed, good soundtrack, big space, however several frustrating flaws that stop the room from being great. Having said that it's certainly the cheapest price in the UK I have paid for a game so worth doing if you are nearby.

Pretty horrible experience. Cannot recommend. Missing puzzle parts, difficulty by darkness, the worst GMing I've ever experienced and the bizarre choice of a steep set of steps with no handrail just waiting for someone to fall off it.. no wonder they are so keen for you sign a waiver. 

Theming nothing to get too excited about but a fun and varied game.

If you are visiting this venue playing Utopia and Dystopia back to back is a must.

If you are visiting this venue playing Utopia and Dystopia back to back is a must.

Really recommend a group of 4 for this one, even with experienced players! A LOT of stuff to do.

An excellent experience in every aspect from arrival in to the cool bar/waiting area, the unique hosting, the beautifully themed game. It doesn't get much better than this.

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