A contender for one of the most beautifully themed games in the whole country. Totally enchanting and magical with stunning attention to detail. This is an absolute must play.

Team size: 4 Time taken: 32

Some nice theming including an impressive looking centerpiece. Overall experience visiting the venue a bit lacking. 

Very small space (well, it's a van) and frustrating for at least one our teammates who was basically confined on his own for a large amount of the game. Interesting novelty factor.

Appalling zero-effort theming, totally forgettable game.

Really fun game over quite a big space in a beautiful venue. Maybe a little on the easy side but really enjoyed. Seems to be off the radar with enthusiasts, but shouldn't be.

Not much of a pub guy, so odd to find myself in one, but you soon forget that as soon as the game start. Lots of cool moments and tech.

By far and away the worst escape room I have ever played. Glad it's closed.

Beautifully themed, novel and fun puzzles. Excellent. 

An incredible, unmissable immersive experience taking place over a huge space with many thrilling elements. 

Superb in every way. Just excellent.

As an escape room - pretty bad. As a fun scare-experience with friends, well worth doing.

Fun and unique. Really enjoyed.

Loved this room. Totally immersive and a real adrenaline rush.

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