One Way Out: Gas Alert

By | June 30, 2019

by One Way Out (website)

ROL House, Long Row, LE156LN


2-8 players

70 mins
You and your friends have snuck in to the laboratory of world revered scientist, Professor Wotamesser, in the hope of finding the ingredients you need for your practical jokes.
You’re just reaching for the bottle of snake venom when you accidentally knock over a bubbling flask, releasing an evil smelling gas into the air. Oh no!
Will you be able to find the antidote before the fumes finish you off and will you complete the science experiments and escape before the professor returns to discover who has messed up her life’s work?
The clock is ticking…
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Newly opened in Oakham, One Way Out’s first game had only been running a couple of weeks when I tried it, earlier than I’d usually visit a new game. While the name Gas Alert might suggest something industrial maybe set in a factory, it is instead set in an academic laboratory with a setting that instantly reminded me of school chemistry lessons.
Many escape room themes have you heroically saving the day, but in this one you’re extricating yourselves from a mess entirely of your own creation - a...
A tough but really immersive room that will challenge any team. If you want a real test take it on as a pair or bring a larger group and tackle the game together. Either way, make sure you go along as Gas Alert is well worth the trip to the smallest county in England.

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