An interesting game with a significant surprise or two up its sleeve, though most of it plays like standard Unlock! business.
A bit more interesting puzzles and structure, amusing but not amazing.
Tries to have an interesting storyline that follows both people attending a movie and also the movie itself, but that ends up being a little confusing. The actual gameplay is fairly simple, standard Unlock! fare.
A really nice physical build and fun storytelling concept, but many of the puzzles were a little iffy.
A hosted ARG-ish experience, similar in format, style and quality to Plymouth Point.
A perfectly fun set of puzzles within Telescape, with some cute video interstitials. Designed for corporate team building, so difficulty is light.
Perfectly lovely click-and-play puzzles with a cute story wrapper set in the Miss Jezebel universe.
Very cute theme and art, surprisingly chewy process puzzles, a fun time overall, among the best of the Trapped games IMHO..
No surprises, but a cute theme nicely done with cute art.
Has some good aspects, like an inventive GM and a nice audio track, but the puzzles are in an awkward middle ground between "realistic" and "escape room logic", and the story felt a little flat.
My favorite book-format "escape" game. Top notch insight driven puzzling.
Extra cute theme, amusing puzzles, nice art, my favorite Trapped audio room so far
Monkey's Island homage game, fun times with fun puzzles, a lot of items, a cool puzzly ending sequence
Tons of fun multi player audio adventure puzzles (plus, the conclusion of the cute plot), you'd need to play twice or more to see them all…
More of the same Agent Venture fun times! Somehow didn't land quite as well for me (or had less novelty) as the first episode but still a great time.
Nicely done audio adventure, very good GM support, puzzles interspersed with creative interactions.
Not quite as fun an adventure as Morse Code but still a good time.
More buttons and lights and things, with the ever cheerful Lola avatar. Less awkward than the first Lola, but still better done with 3 or 4 (which makes the cost rather high).
Delightfully random, with a fun play mechanic. Only 30 minutes, sadly.
Super fun, super campy room that hits all the right jokes at the right points, and does a great job with an avatar story. Sort of Agent November cross Miss Jezebel with its own fun sense of style?
Super adorable big-chaotic-group online game, not as delightful as Edith but a good time nonetheless.
The best room so far at Looking Glass Adventures. Remote camera is a bit wobbly and the sound doesn't always come through, but the room is full of sophisticated, whimsical, fun detail. Much better than the average Harry Potterish game.
(I was part of a play test.) Buckle up, this one is even weirder than the first mission...!
A reasonably legit temple room, not amazing scenically but with decent puzzling. Built to be unbolted and transported, so expect a somewhat smaller set (but that works remotely).
A pop-up game with a cute theme made way better by Jayson, as always.
Back to a more "classic" level of YouEscape complexity, but still fun!
Just a bunch of puzzles on a Dropbox (with hosting for help & confirmation) but the theming is fun and high energy and builds to the perfect conclusion.
A reasonable ARG-ish experience (mostly hunting through social media, email and fictional Web sites). Nice production values including good video content; nothing too special puzzle-wise or plot-wise.
Nothing too fancy tech-wise (solid Telescape implementation) but an incredibly fun concept with great character acting and fantastic play.
Not a physically remarkable space, but a fun GM and cute puzzles that flow well.
More fun audio adventure from Trapped Puzzle Rooms, with a new teamplay mechanic this time!
An audio led game with a fun set of mini puzzles with a very cute theme.
A very extremely puzzly audio led adventure in a library, usually takes 2-3 hours, get ready to bust out your spreadsheet and your brains...!
Somewhat novel in a SCRAP sort of way and a little sweet, but the gameplay isn't as exciting as their Alien Research Lab game.
The room that was probably fancy a few years ago but now seems a little on the basic side. Real Quest's overhelpful avatar style is amusing but not my favorite.
A cute little split-team web game with a charming sense of humor and entertaining (if simple) puzzles.
Not as fancy a set as Atlantis, but the game has a good sense of humor and like the other E1A games is well run with a nice inventory system.
Amazing production value that's a great send-up of IKEA-type design, but puzzles often require leaps or sorting through tons of red herrings.
Super great narration, camerawork, special effects, and general atmosphere.
An adorable IRL room with all the puzzles redesigned for remote play -- some of them surprisingly tricky! Great game master character.
Uses prerecorded video with a live audio host, but plays very much like an avatar room. I thought it was very well done and has cute puzzles that take advantage of the medium (but others didn't like it as much).
BH definitely got better at their hosting since I played Santos Dumont, they're quite good now! The room itself has a cute theme but isn't that impressive. They use Telescape which is always nice.
An unusually interesting and generally good remote adaptation with offline material, but suffers from a bit of task tedium at the end.
Similar to Billy Bonkers, the art and tech is basic but the GMing is good and that makes the game fun. There are some more interesting/advanced puzzles in Starship compared to Bonkers (and also compared to most other audio led scenarios).
Fun theme (and a cute story) with a good GM and legit puzzles. Art and tech is basic but gets the job done.
Like other games by the maker, this is a really nicely put together low-key game with subtle tech behind the scenes that makes the interactions feel nicely "naturalistic".
This room has some unforgiveable puzzle issues and also a very literal (albeit friendly) GM, and the combination is rather frustrating.
Not very puzzly in the classic sense but a sort of murder mystery where you search evidence and interrogate a witness. Both world building and gameplay are very well done.
Another Claustrophobia "experience" room (puzzle light, set heavy). An oddly cartoony, bright set for an asylum theme. Nicely stitched videos. Gives you a Russian view on 1950s America.
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