Castle Escapes: Hunt for the Crimson Fang

By | July 21, 2020

by Castle Escapes (website)

Up to 8 players

£73.00 $95.00

remote play
The Nocturnal Underground Tactical Squad needs your help! A lone vampire hunter has been separated from their unit and now requires support to defeat the bloodsucker in charge. Can you make your way deep into the vampire lair and out again before The Master’s thirsty minions return? A mission both horrific and hilarious, ending with a harrowing escape that will mean life or death for our heroic hunter!
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The Hunt for the Crimson Fang was completely bonkers (but in a good way). Of course, with a name for the operation like The Nocturnal Underground Tactical Squad, we really should have been prepared for this, after all, what sort of covert operation gives themselves the name NUTS?

We've been recruited by The Nocturnal Underground Tactical Squad (NUTS) to assist one of their rookie vampire hunter to "Hunt for the Crimson Fang" ("The Master"). The experience started with an intro video of the back story and seamlessly connected us with the avatar starting off in a bloody butcher shop, or so we thought...

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