Society of Curiosities: Hunt for Captain Madok’s Treasure

By | June 4, 2020

by Society of Curiosities (website)

1-4 players

120-300 mins
subscription game
You receive new information that could lead to the discovery of the lost treasure of Captain Edus Madok. Study the artifacts, articles, and expert resources to track down the location of the treasure and dispatch your team to dig it up.
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Continuing the trend set by Society of Curiosities's previous adventure, you'll be texting, web surfing, and now also checking your irl mail package to locate hidden treasures... Read the rest on 🙂

Have you noticed the ERA team writes a lot of preamble in our reviews? “Why so? Doesn’t that take more time and effort?!” you ask. Yes… yes it does. We’ve always believed it’s important to provide as much information about our team, the company we’re interacting with, and anything else of particular interest leading up to the review itself… the better we get at sharing the context of a review, the better you (our amazing followers), can gain from the review itself

This opening adventure from Society of Curiosities is one of the most immersive and satisfying escape games I’ve played. A great deal of care has been taken to make sure that you feel like an adventurer every step of the way.

Playing through Madok’s Lost Treasure, you don’t feel like you’re just solving puzzles. You feel like you’re taking part in a huge discovery, and the interactions with your ‘team’ at the Society only strengthen this.

I finished the mission invigorated and hungry for more adventure!

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