ThinkFun Escape The Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

By | March 20, 2020

by ThinkFun Escape The Room (website)

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Ever since his young daughter went missing, old Mr. Garrity has become a recluse. He boarded up his windows and doors, and refused to talk to anyone. Now the only time that anyone sees Mr. Garrity leave his house is when he crosses his overgrown yard going to and from his work shed.You don't know what he's doing out in that shed, but he spends a lot of time locked inside, sometimes working late into the night.
Recently there have been new disappearances; other local children have gone missing. And you've noticed strange lights in that shed of Mr.Garrity's; you know he must have something to do with it.
One night you decide to break in. Inside you find a dollhouse glowing eerily from the middle of the shed. It calls to you, and ignoring your instincts, you move toward it....
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We’ve heard whispers for years about Rebecca Bleau and Nicholas Cravotta’s followup to their original two Escape The Room games published by ThinkFun (Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor & Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat). We had heard tales of a dollhouse built from the game box, creating the feeling of an actual escape room on your table. Those rumors were true.

This game was our favorite out of the three. We have not played any box games that would be able to transform into a 3D game yet. This one was very well executed with the story line (adding the eerie feel), puzzles and design. If there was one thing that we felt could use a booster it would be a stronger ending. Perhaps a hidden compartment in the box that gave us that final goosebumps moment or a visual conclusion.  

“It’s an innocent dollhouse” they said. “Just take a look inside” they said. Never listen to “they”.

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