60out: Orion’s Ridiculous Revenge

By | October 18, 2020

by 60out (website)

Up to 8 players

Team of 2: £22.00 $30.00
Team of 4: £44.00 $60.00
Team of 6: £65.00 $90.00

🎧actor / audio
Orion, Miss Jezebel’s favorite feline, is on the mission to protect his home from threats, both foreign and domestic, and Miss Jezebel’s newest suitor is definitely the cat’s meow when it comes to evil plans. Will you be able to assist Orion in thwarting the dastardly actions of this bombastic beau?
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Even if it wasn’t free, this would have been a good game. It was hilarious from start to end and had us in hysterics throughout. The puzzles were good fun, but really came second to the humour, innuendos, and story.

This was definitely one of our favorite digital games. The puzzles were a lot of fun but not too difficult. They are what we would characterize as "entertaining". We couldn't stop laughing the entire time. Everyone will definitely have their moments to "shine". It was a great bonding experience. We highly recommend you trying out this game! 

This was a free game offered by 60out and was a mix of a point-and-click game with cut scenes that were used to move the story along. There was a live game master that helped with setting everything up but was for the most part not part of the game. At first when I heard about the format, I had my doubts but the game was well done and funny if you are ok with some raunchy humor. There were a lot of adult-only references so keep that in mind if you are thinking about playing this game.

The game is very funny, and it's clever, and we did get a couple surprises here and there. People who had a good time playing "Miss Jezebel" shouldn't hesitate at all. Others might be attracted by the relatively low price, but let me stress out that the overall quantity/quality/cost ratio is pretty much the same than for other US offerings, as far as I'm concerned.

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