Jan Chong

Team size: 4 Outcome: Successful escape!

More experience than puzzle-driven, but it's a very very well-done experience.  Lots of dropbox navigation and it threw our team off a bit how much we were expected to share with each other (as in via screenshare) while solving - this probably adds to the experience with more novice solvers, but we are used to just forging on ahead to ensure that we escape!  Lovely story overall and excellent acting.

Played: 21 Nov 2021 Team size: 4 Time taken: 60 Outcome: Successful escape!
originalfunnyfamily friendly

This experience is joyously silly.  The whole thing plays more like a video game than an escape room, but it is all good fun.  As the other reviews say, best to enter unspoiled. 

Played: 22 May 2021
funnyimmersivequite difficult

A fantastic escape room - extremely high production value and very strong puzzles (nary a combination lock in sight)! Our party had three adults and two ten year olds and while the room starting sequence was a touch intense for the kids (think Haunted Mansion), they were able to contribute to solving and the adults had plenty to do.   Some of the later puzzles are quite puzzly, I would say a substantial notch above most escape room fare - but quite novel and very well done.  I utterly recommend this room if you are in the Bay Area, it is top notch!

Played: 4/4/2021 Team size: 4 Outcome: Successful escape!

This was great fun!  Excellent host and humor throughout the whole experience, several very nice puzzles that only work in a remote avatar medium.  It's a lot packed into 60 minutes, but we had great fun chasing down achievements and exploring the set, which clearly a DIY setup in what looks like someone's actual apartment.   It wasn't particularly whizzbang in terms of technical achievements - but this was one of the most fun online escape experiences I've had all pandemic.

This is my favorite existing physical escape room translated to an online experience. The Vanishing Act has very slick video transitions into the room experience, the remote host does a great job leveraging in room elements to help you solve and the room leverages the online platform to facilitate interactions between the players while solving.  The actual room has high production values, strong puzzles and some unique physical elements that they managed to recreate online.  Highly recommended!  

I just did this via zoom and it's pretty well done.  The room sequences are pre-corded and a live moderator will trigger them when your team does something right and post close up photos of the in room items.  This means multiple teams can do the room simultaneously and that you don't have the annoying issue where zoom gets fuzzy just as you are trying to watch something happen.  The puzzles were clean - not mind-blowing, but not terrible either.

This is the only boxed escape game that I have played, but it was really lovely.  High production value, well-done puzzles and some fun physical spellcraft.  We did it as a group of 5, with one member on zoom with a second box and it worked pretty well.  Really brings a bit of the escape room magic back home.

Fun.  The website is well done.  The puzzles are a little on the easy side for veteran puzzlers, but there's a nice interactional bit which is unique relative to other digital hunts.  This is more like a collection of puzzles with a vague plot tying them together. 

Wow, that is a lot of content quite elaborately staged.   This is more like a mini-puzzlehunt than an escape room experience.  Make sure your printer is working - that helps a lot. I think this works pretty well in groups, given how many puzzles there are to solve.  It would probably be a little overwhelming solo, unless you did it in over three days (as they suggest).  The puzzle level is MUCH harder than standard escape room fare.

This was a really solid puzzle experience.  Very high production values, the puzzles are on the easier side, but still quite fun.  For expert puzzlers, I don't really recommend more than two (really solo is possible until the final puzzle).  Make sure you are logged into Facebook messenger!

Strong production value.  The puzzles are on the easy end, but very cute. It works just well enough on zoom, doing the game with others over screenshare, but it's a touch awkward (lots of link pasting).  Wouldn't really recommend it for more than two or three people.