Locurio: The Vanishing Act

By | September 30, 2020

by Locurio (website)

619 N 35th St

Up to 4 players

£102.00 $140.00

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Winner of a 2020 TERPECA award90 mins
The Great Noximillian, world-renowned magician, is hiding more than just tricks up his sleeve. His past five assistants have mysteriously gone missing, each after their 13th performance with Noximillian. Now his latest assistant, Casey, is desperate to uncover the truth behind these disturbing disappearances.
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A 90 minute adventure delving into the magical world of Noximillian the magician who has a habit of ‘losing’ his assistant after their 13th show… and your friend Casey is about to go onto stage for her 13th show…. We need to find out whats happening before she disappears too.
Perfectly modified from a real-life game, The Vanishing Act is a masterpiece in online game design. An inventory system that both helped and added extra challenges, a great gamesmaster, and an overall slickness that is rare in online games, make this a must play!

We've played remote games before where prerecorded video elements were quite obvious and made the game play quite difficult to follow. In this game, you won't even notice what parts were prerecorded and what was live. Lucurio did a great job stitching the two together seamlessly.

The puzzles were designed to work smoothly with the inventory system and that made the experience felt like we're playing there in person. Although we rather much play there in person, this was definitely gratifying for the time being. So gather a team of friends and try to solve this magical mystery (with a little twist) now!

The Vanishing Act is a live video adaptation of a real Escape Room. The game started with an outdoor video sequence in front of a theater, which let us enter the story in a believable way.

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In real life, I'm sure The Vanishing Act is a decent, good-looking room, with well-designed puzzles. But the remote experience goes one level above, through seamless prerecorded sequences and a number of puzzles being fully integrated in the game's interface.

Overall, The Vanishing Act is a perfect transitioned physical room to the remote world. The use of the most advanced & comprehensive inventory system we’ve seen so far in the virtual escape room world, mixed with the detailed story and illusion of where present live game starts to where it ends, Locurio have it covered. We loved every part of the experience and that is why it has rated so highly! A massive thank you to our games host who played Sam, as he brings the room alive with his acting over the course of the 90+ minutes of suspense, panic and frantic puzzle solving. 

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