Quite a few clever puzzles and techniques that I hadn't seen before in this game. Great mix of logic, observation, maths and physical puzzles. One puzzle technically required outside knowledge which I'm not too sure about but otherwise a great game.

A pretty standard affair with a nice setting, a few good surprise moments and some nice puzzles but often felt they weren't signposted overly well. 


It’s clear to see the step up in design and puzzle quality as the team have built up their experience over the years. The set looks incredible and has many ooh moments throughout. The puzzles are incredibly varied and gave some satisfying ahhh moments throughout. Easily my favourite of the two branches that Paradox Parlours have!

Another great game for the guys at Paradox Parlours. Set looked great and I really enjoyed some of the more physical parts to the room that felt in keeping with the oil rig theme. 

Great sense of development as you progress through this game and a few lovely surprises as well. We really enjoyed how creative some of the puzzles felt and they really utilised props from the theme perfectly. The only downside for me was that some of the latter spaces didn’t have as much of a wow factor in terms of set even though the puzzles were still good. 


Great to see a unique theme with so many puzzles that fit within the style. There was a real mix of observation / logic / physical in this game and it meant that we all left with smiles on our face. Probably my favourite of the 3 at this venue


Definitely the most traditional of the games at this venue but the puzzles still felt original and were in-fitting with the theme. I particularly enjoyed one logic puzzle near to the end that gave such a satisfying ahhh moment. I felt that there was one part of this game that could’ve been tricky to do if you’re less mobile or have shorter arms but otherwise it was good fun!


I think this room is one that is either made or broken by the Gm that you have and the way that they play the Venus character. There were some brilliantly subtle jokes and ‘up yours’ moments from the AI throughout that had me giggling. The puzzles were varied and usually multi step which was nice! For an old game they’ve packed some interesting puzzles into a tiny space. 

One of my favourite starts to a game in a while! Some really clever puzzles throughout and a lot to get through within the hour. The ending whilst fun felt quite repetitive and I was a bit glad when it was over but otherwise great fun!

A joy from start to finish - loved the use of lighting and sound to guide us on our path into the zombie infested arcade and how playful every piece of set and puzzle felt afterwards. Great mix of difficulty and unique puzzles too. The ending was also great fun! For me this and temple quest are real stand outs at the venue - highly recommend!

Quite a classic game but still had some interesting and clever puzzles that put a fun spin on something we thought we'd seen before. The set looked great and felt like a proper prison. Another great game from Clue Cracker!


Definitely the most puzzle heavy game at this venue and really shows the growth of the setters. We really enjoyed how much they've managed to pack into quite a small play space! Great mix of puzzles (just need a keen eye for searching in parts!) and use of special effects / technology as is custom at Darkmaster. Another very good game and a shame that we've now played all of them here!

Nice to see a new venue in Cambridgeshire! Really lovingly put together by Josh and Claire with a good attention to detail and a great mix of puzzles - definitely search heavy!
Beautiful set with some interesting puzzles and physical tasks.
Hugely non-linear room with a great variety of puzzles that will keep the team busy for a while
Struggled to find the groove in this game and not really sure why. Atmospherically it was very good and had decent puzzles though!
Immersive (and no padlocks!) and a great use of the space. Some quite tricksy puzzles in here which really made us think. Favourite at this venue for sure!
Some really clever puzzles within this game and some fun hands on elements too. Probably my second favourite at this venue
Fun and family friendly. Great looking set and a memorable finale! Puzzles were a little bit samey but still an enjoyable game.
Simple yet effective set design that made us feel as if we were on the ship. Good range of puzzle styles with varying degrees of difficulty. One of the stronger games that I've played at the Escape franchise.
value for money
Some really enjoyable puzzles in this game and nice to see a new company starting up in London!
So much fun! The set design is great even down to the smell of the room! Loads of puzzles of a variety of different types that kept our full team busy at all times. Pure fun and easily my favourite at this venue.
Some really lovely, well themed puzzles throughout this game. Really fun to play from start to finish.
Some great ideas throughout this game and a really wide range of puzzle types. The room is looking a little tired but game play still works well.
Played: 16 Mar 2024 Team size: 4 Time taken: 38:47 Outcome: Successful escape!
Some really clever and unique moments in this game and I really enjoyed the bonus quest of collecting marbles as we went. Good mixture of puzzle types and great hosts to go with it! Real sad to see these guys closing down 
Played: 15/03/2024 Team size: 4 Time taken: 31:40 Outcome: Successful escape!
Excellently designed with some lovely theatrical elements. Don't let the fact that it is a pop up build by theatre design students put you off as the build quality and puzzle quality is extremely good with a few fun quirky moments that really helped make the game it's own. It's only on for a few more weeks so I'd really recommend visiting if you get the chance (very cheap by London standards too!)
great hosting
Very impressive intro from our GM who was fully in character right up until the end of the game. Some really lovely puzzles and an easy to follow story to go with it. 
I think this is one of those games where the Gamesmaster (also your live actor) can either make or break the experience. Lucky for us ours was really funny and played the character very well. Some very clever and tricky puzzles in here too which is always nice. Felt like we didn't really find our groove as well as other games at this venue as it felt a little disjointed but that may well have just been us. Definitely recommend!
Very clever mechanic and lots of unique puzzles that I hadn't seen elsewhere. Really enjoyed the challenge as a lot of the puzzles aren't immediately obvious. Our GM was a little clue-heavy when we didn't really need it which detracted from the experience a little but still really enjoyed it!
Outcome: Successful escape!
Different to see a linear heist style game where you need to solve as much as you can within the hour. Some nice takes on classic styles and good use of the bank’s computer system as an aid. The room itself felt a little bare / not particularly bank like though. Fun play and we scored 2.25M/3 which we thought was decent!
Great sense of exploration and some very clever puzzles. Enjoyed having my own wand that I could use to interact with the environment. Took us a little bit of time to get going but it was lots of fun! 
Team size: 3 Time taken: 28:28 Outcome: Successful escape!
Probably the most standard of the escape rooms in Chatham but this was still a very fun and story driven room. Lots of good puzzles and a fun conclusion. 
Team size: 3 Time taken: 36:06 Outcome: Successful escape!
Loads of puzzles crammed into a tiny space! All were in theme with the space-prison concept and were really satisfying to solve. Definitely a marmite game as it is very tech driven but I loved it!
Team size: 3 Time taken: 31:38 Outcome: Successful escape!
Great theming throughout and some clever puzzles that weren’t always immediately obvious what to do. For me there was a bit too much back and forth in a crawl space which seemed unnecessary. Otherwise lots of fun 
Team size: 3 Time taken: 32 Outcome: Successful escape!
This game has a lot packed into a tiny space. We really enjoyed the mix of puzzles in this game and the really fun, overly cheesy ending. For a Christmas game this is one of the best I’ve played. 
Team size: 3 Time taken: 32 Outcome: Successful escape!
I absolutely loved this game, even more so than the previous chapter The Cabin. The concept is similarly but somehow felt more chilling here. All of the puzzles were linked brilliantly to the narrative and gave a sense of dread as to what was to come as you solved them. Lots of fun and I can’t wait for chapter 3!

Amazingly fun from start to finish - epic soundtrack, funny characters and references to pop culture throughout. Enjoyed how all of the puzzles directly linked to the story and usually had a couple of steps to them. Highly recommend!

Nice intro to the room with being escorted by the police warden in handcuffs. Some nice elements in the room that all felt as if they could've been pushed that bit further to hype the immersion more. One physical puzzle felt very obtuse in the space and seemed like it was there purely to slow teams down. The company also uses QR codes for hints and requires personal phone torch use within the game which seems really odd to me and broke the immersion completely. Hence, 3 stars. 


An incredibly unique premise and a really fun start to the game by watching a short film in a room that could easily be mistaken for a real cinema (minus the puzzles of course). I thought the transition from the end of the film to the start of the game could've been stronger and that the puzzles could've been more on theme at times. Puzzles wise there was a good mix of observation, patterns, physical and they all utilised the space well. Realistically this game sits somewhere between a 3.5 and 4 for me but rounded down due to using QR codes in the room as the hints system... so weird!

Great theming with lots of hands on, doey puzzles that fit with the carnival theme. Best to play with a small team as it is a very linear experience (as a 2 this worked fine though).

Really enjoyed how even once you had escaped from the room there was an additional objective to complete in the briefing room for the game. This fit well within the theme and was something I hadn't seen before. The puzzles all fit in well with the creepy abandoned Butcher shop theme and had a suitable sticky feeling to it. I really enjoyed some of the physical aspects in this game and how they provided some really satisfying solves / reveals. 

Incredible experience with tonnes of beautifully themed spaces to explore. The linking of each space to nightmares (and fixing them by turning into dreams) was so clever and really helped us to know exactly what to do at each stage. There was some clever unique technical items and experiences within this game that made it truely unforgettable. Easily my favourite game in Milan.

A linear game guided by a series of scrolls that slowly detail where the Grail is hidden. Some unique and funny tasks in this game and a couple of tricky puzzles that felt satisfying to finally solve. Probably my favourite of the two we played at this venue but there's not much between them.


Some great use of tech that fit well within the bank heist theme. The room itself was large but felt a little bare in places. I enjoyed the range of puzzles and the creativity of the last one in particular. The interactions with the guards were also a fun touch. 


I don't think our team stopped smiling / laughing throughout this experience. So funny and some great unique elements. Enjoyed how they've taken a classic escape room theme and made it feel genuinely original. The sense of exploration was amazing and we enjoyed how every puzzle had a purpose in the context of the story. The interactions with the machine itself were a nice easter eggy touch.


Bonkers in every sense of the word. Everything was themed incredibly and every puzzle made thematic sense to the development of a baby. I never thought that I would be born again but now I have in puzzle form. Some excellent uses of the five senses, funny moments and great solid puzzles. Easily deserving of the TERPECA nominations it has. Highly recommend!

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