Exit19.pl: Necromancer

By | February 24, 2021

by Exit19.pl (website)

2-4 players

£76.00 405.00 zł

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1866. Gaston Renault, a messenger accepts a parcel that will change his life forever. On the seal, instead of a crest, there is a skull, but that does not raise his suspicions. When he arrives at the place of delivery, he feels that something is wrong. The horse does not want to go any further, and when Gaston presses the door handle, he recalls the legends of the accursed place and the necromancer who obliterates his victims to gain immortality. But it is too late. You, who accidentally uncover the Necromancer’s chapel many years later, you are his only hope.

The unique design, the carefully crafted atmosphere and the presence of supernatural powers will make you forget for an hour about your daily life. The Wrocław Escape Room Necromancer is not a horror movie. This is an adventure thriller, the atmosphere of the room is inspired by such productions as Taboo or Sleepy Hollow. Get ready for an hour of great fun with a slight thrill of emotion, in the nimbus of magic and mystery of the necromancer’s chapel.
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