clevergreat hosting

My favourite of the three remote rooms at The impossible Society, and again we had Viktor as our host, who exuded his very own brand of madness (it is an asylum after  all!). The room is deceptively sparse and the puzzles are well hidden. 

Theres no inventory, but if you need a closer look then a good picture of the item will be shared at the appropriate time.  This is a good room for remote gameplay but Viktor and his hosting made it excellent for me. 

Played: 4 Nov 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!

We played this in its first week of opening, so some changes will probably be made to it and don't take this as gospel. Its one of those rooms that you step into and think... there's nothing to do!  But once you look properly you find that there aren't that many challenges to do, but some are rather lengthy.
Its more of a challenge than the Bothy as there is not much in the way of searching and more solving, and it's set up so it can be played in versus mode (so up to 2 teams of 6). 
Again the narrative was weak, well apart from being told to land the spaceship there wasn't one, but it was the first week and they're still refining the briefing.
Well worth a visit, its a good game for 2 experienced players.

local history

Always nice to have a room thats based around the locality, this is all about a notorious highlander, The Wolf of Badenoch. The room has a game of throne vibes (and if you've played a number of other rooms from the Escape group then you may have a little deja vu on a couple of puzzles) but its a very enjoyable room with some nice bits of theatre incorporated.

Set in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, and decor gives that vibe. Puzzles are logical and quite easy, one puzzle needs a little tweaking to prevent frustration, but otherwise its a fun room to play 

family friendly

Nicely themed Bothy room with some inventive puzzles. The narrative is a little weak but the room is first in the area so its aimed at new players. Worth playing if you're in Aviemore.

Outcome: Successful escape!

Played whilst the game was at Lakes Escapes in Cumbria and one of the few games I've played that the narrative is you've to complete and escape room. 

Great use of the van space and some rather inventive puzzles in there that follow the lab testing theme well, well worth a play if the van is in your area.


Played this mini adventure at Lakes Escapes, but it was a 45mins long when we played. Very inventive use of the internal space of a tiny car and also a well themed set of puzzles. We played as a 2 and it worked well, but getting in and out of the back seat was a mini physical challenge in itself!!

Played: 2 Aug 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
value for moneygreat hostingfamily friendly

Loved this game, it blends the 'crystal maze' style short games with a traditional escape room wonderfully with equal emphasis on both styles of game. The aim is to win glowing orbs which will transform into hints for the mine.

The short games are inventive and make great use of the space. John, our host, was great at getting the whole team excited and interacting, and we had great banter with him throughout the game. Some of the mini games are rather deceiving, they look simple but aren't always (especially with the time pressure!) and you'll definitely get an adrenaline kick for each game you play. The mini games make a wonderfully fun warm up for your team so they're ready to enter the Diamond Mine. 

We loved the transition from the mini games into the escape room, its a definite wow moment and gives the whole team a real sense of movement from one area to the next. 

The escape room portion is a 30 minute game and theres lots to do as you find the diamonds, so no worries if you're a team of 2 or 6, you'll all be kept busy. Theres a good variation of puzzles to solve, from dexterity to visual, and all are very well themed.

As with all Lakes Escapes games the build quality is there, from the smallest of details to the build of the mine it all looks and feels right. 

We've also got to point out that great efforts have been made to make the games accessible, lighting is great, and the escape room floor is even with no steps. 

Most of the mini games can be played by everyone (one game has a small step, and one is quite 'active'). Theres also a couple of others may be slightly more difficult for wheelchair users) but they will be doable with additional time. But with so many mini games theres plenty to play.

We loved it, one of the team said its the best game he's played in forever! 
Its a full hour of fun and a must play, so put this on your wish list.  

We particularly loved the method of which game you play, theres none of that awkward silence as someone has to be picked, and this keeps the engagement level high. The games are all doable by (almost) everyone, so its perfect for families / multi generational teams. 

value for moneygreat hostingfamily friendly
Played: 23 Jun 2021
quite easy

Needs alot of work, ALOT of work. 

originalcleverfamily friendly

Vlad the Vegan Vampire needs your help, as he can't stand the sight of blood he can't enter the crypt of his father to retrieve a mystical item... so he's enlisted your help. The adventure has some great innovative puzzles in there, with one that we enjoyed so much that we wanted another go!
The production of the room is excellent and nicely themed, and despite the theme there was even enough light in there for my tired old eyes. A great mix of puzzle types so theres something for everyone and spooky theme is perfect for families as its Halloween spooky without being all out scary.
Well worth a visit to south Cumbria. 

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