funnyclevergreat hosting

What a title and what an intro video! I persuaded the team that we should book it on that alone.  The game is puzzle light,  but it makes up for that with some brilliant interaction and comedic moments. Our host (Debbie) was brilliant at getting us all into the game and contributing, she coped wonderfully with our wild and wacky answers and adlibbed some great one-liners. 

You'll be interacting all through the game, so this is not one for quiet teams, you'll need at least one of you who is willing to do the talking and can think on their feet, and as with all these types of games... the more you contribute the more fun you have. We ended up doing very strange and horrifc things to Brighton Pavillion in our game... ( albiet virtually!) , can you come up with something even worse???  

Swamp Motel: The Kindling Hour, (unknown location)

This is a hosted telescape game, not an avatar room.

originalgreat hosting
Exit The Room Online: Bomb, (unknown location)
originalcleverfamily friendly
clevergreat hostingfamily friendly
originalgreat hostingfamily friendly
great hostingfamily friendly
visual issues😨creepy

Some good puzzles, but the room was way too dark and the camera quality/resolution was poor, making it a frustrating game.

originalfunnygreat hosting
originalclevergreat hosting
family friendly

Visually amazing, and not just for warhammer fans! The immersion in this room is off the scale, even areas which you do not actively interact with have been build with so much attention to detail that you will stop your avatar to give you a closer look. Puzzle wise theres not a huge amount to do, but that gives you time to enjoy the immersion and get more involved with the storyline. It really is a must do game. 

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