Mysterious Room: The mystery of Mayan temple

Mysterious Room: Tajemnica Świątyni Majów

By | December 20, 2020

by Mysterious Room (website)

Wynalazek 4, 02-677 Warszawa

1-6 players

£51.00 €60.00

Languages: EN, PL

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A well-known archeology professor leaves the country in a hurry in order to deal with his private matters. In his university office he leaves some clues you will need to solve a mystery he was working on for some months now. It is connected with a golden figurine, which was stolen from a temple located deep down in an Amazon jungle many years ago. It needs to return to its original place. Help complete his mission!

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The Mystery of Mayan Temple made less of an impression than Magician. It was (and currently still is) available for avatar play, and is well suited for that format. I found the ending a bit abrupt, and although the game gets more visually impressive as it goes on, I thought the non-linear earlier stages was more enjoyable with stronger puzzles. 

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