theory11: Box One

By | September 30, 2020

by theory11 (website)

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A game uniquely designed to challenge only ONE person - and it seems that person is you! And only you. Alone. Can you handle it?
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Everything about BoxONE is top quality, and it was truly a delight to play. Enthusiasts won’t find it overly challenging but don’t let that stop you, it was a true delight.

Throughout the game, we probably said "wow" and "oh, that's what it's used for!" numerous times. There were moments when we felt like this was a magic box and other times when we thought it's an escape room in a box. We don't know how NPH was able to pull this off but he's brainwaves is definitely on another wavelength. We enjoyed the backstory as much as the game play. The build up was intense and the main character (plus the special appearances by NPH myself) really portrayed the urgency of the mission. Comedy is something NPH tries to include in everything he does and we definitely had our share of laughter. Although I know this game is supposed to be for "ME TIME", it's definitely playable as date night, family night and group puzzle night. Just remember to cover NPH's eye if you decide to "cheat" because he's watching your every move... 

BoxONE‘s evolving gameplay is an incredibly satisfying to experience, regardless of your experience as a puzzler. But for newer players especially, this is a perfect introduction to the genre.

Although we tackled it as a duo, I’d recommend going with the game’s instruction to play it solo. But if you’re in a team, no more than two people.

If you like the ‘big reveal’ aspect of playing escape rooms, then this is definitely a game you should play.

That game was a blast, exceeding my expectations and surprising and delighting me along the way. Much like Solve Our Shirts, there were more surprises baked into the game than one would expect, some of which were completely unexpected. It was an exciting ride, and a great value for the cost.

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