ClueQuest: Print + Cut + Escape Episode 3: Humanity 2.0

By | July 11, 2020

by ClueQuest (website)


Professor BlackSheep has retreated to his hideaway in the North Pole, known as White Hat AI, where he has built a supercomputer capable of carrying out his plans. Agent Crimson and MrQ are rejoined by Lord Hammerschmidt, MrsQ and the escaped scientist Frank Erikson. Together they are on a mission to find the Professor’s lair and shut down the weapon, and they need your help!
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I liked Cluequest’s first print and play game and loved their second; does the third part measure up? For those who prefer to skim read: yes, it does. While not reaching the very high bar set by episode 2, it’s still in the top rank of home games for the creativity of its puzzle design.
As usual, you’re up against the nefarious Professor Blacksheep, continuing the story from the previous parts. The game primarily consists of a couple dozen printed sheets in black and white, with a web portal to...
clueQuest have added another excellent play-at-home option to their already stellar collection. Humanity 2.0 continues the narrative begun with Stolen IQ, and takes the series through to its conclusion

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We have to stop Professor BlackSheep from creating his vision of Humanity 2.0 where information is restricted to humankind.

It’s really hard writing a review for a game I enjoyed SO MUCH. I just want to shout and rave about all the brilliant things … And there are so many of them! But equally, the game is full of “wow” moments, I don’t want to spoil a single second of it for any interested player out there!

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