Can You Escape Malta: The Pub

By | May 8, 2020

by Can You Escape Malta (website)

297, Triq il-Merhba

Up to 8 players

Team of 2: £43.00 €49.95
Team of 4: £65.00 €74.95
Team of 6: £65.00 €74.95

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Your friend is on a work trip in Malta. On the last night, he decides to head to the Pub. There’s no one except for your friend and a weird looking barman. Your friend orders a beer. As he takes the first sip, your friend realizes that the barman has also vanished. By the time your friend realizes there might be trouble, he finds a masked man pointing a gun at him. He locks him inside, stating he is a puzzle psychopath who has prepared a series of puzzles which need to be solved for him to escape. Before locking him in, he detonates a bomb which he says will explode in 60 minutes and which is impossible to diffuse.
Your friend video calls you. You are his only hope. Guide him through The Pub and help him find the way out. Your 60 minutes start now!
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A nice overview of the room will be sent to you beforehand so you can direct your avatar with ease.

Throw back a beer, shoot some pool, and try not to get blown up.

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