Time Games: Gone Viral

By | April 14, 2020

by Time Games (website)

1-5 players

£17.00 €19.99

Languages: EN

Wheelchair suitable - contact the venue for detailsDeaf friendly - contact the venue for details

Zombies. Everything you’ve heard is true.

Here at the Zombie Outbreak Response Team laboratory we’ve been studying the zombie virus since the outbreak in 2019.

Recently we had a breakthrough and we have a cure!

Unfortunately, despite following strict safety guidelines, one of my patients broke free and I got bitten. The cure is in my lab but I can’t work out the security codes – I can’t think straight, everything’s turning red and I smell blood… I don’t have long…

Please help me!

(Family friendly, suitable for age 10+)

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Zombie Outbreak in a time of COVID-19

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