Escape Reality Stoke-on-Trent: Tortuga Pirates

By | March 31, 2019

by Escape Reality Stoke-on-Trent (website)

Unit 6A, First Floor Lymelight Boulevard, 98-104 High Street, ST5 1PT


2-6 players

60 minutes

Port Royal, 1718. Piracy in the Caribbean is spreading more than ever. You are the Captain of the famous Mariposa ship. Your crew has formed a mutiny and locked you and some of your friends in the prison of your ship. But you can’t stay there, you need to complete the mission you were undertaking: to find Derdrake’s treasure buried somewhere in Tortuga Island. You need the treasure to get rid of a terrible curse that will transform you into a spectre. You need to hurry, the prophecy will come true with the First Moon.
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Overall rating

Rated between 25 and 40 out of 5

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Player reviews

reviewed in Coventry
James Bloodworth expert says:

Pirate themed room, I had a great time in this room!  Theming is on point with some suitable piratical puzzles and some great room reveals to carry it forward.

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
reviewed in Manchester
Scotus0 experienced says:


Land-ho! Another pirate-themed room! One of my favourites.


As Captain of the Mariposa, your crew have formed a mutiny and locked you in the ship’s prison. Break out and search Tortuga Island for Derdrake’s treasure to break a curse that will turn you into a spectre in an hour’s time. I really like this creative plot, especially the mutiny.


A selection of fun, pirate-y and, overall, not very difficult puzzles, making the room more than suitable for beginners. A hint from the tablet literally gave us the answer to one we were struggling with, which I disliked.


All the sights and sounds of the sea (and sand) from a pirate’s perspective. Tortuga Island was perhaps a bit bare, but I did get desert island vibes.

Final Comments

A victory was clinched with some time to spare.

Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5
reviewed in Manchester
Arjay Henshall experienced says:

A very well themed room split into several sections. the first part of the game was great with some really strong puzzles that weren't too challenging. That being said, the last part of Tortuga Pirates was a massive let down. we actually escaped still with padlocks locked. and when we asked the GM to explain, they responded that its fine, its not really needed. no explanation. 

This would be a great game for anyone that's never done an escape room before or have done maybe just 1 or 2 but its definitely not one for seasoned players. 

worth sticking your head in the door to see the scenery and theming but that is as far as i would recommend. 

Rated between 25 and 25 out of 5
reviewed in Edinburgh
Mynameisntjeff rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5
reviewed in Edinburgh
Claire Stephens rated this:Rated between 35 and 35 out of 5

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The good pirate ship theming and well flowing puzzles made this a really fun room. It may be a little too easy for some escape room enthusiasts, but I can see escape room beginners and families loving this room.

Our favourite game at the venue but alas let down by poor customer service.

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