Logiclock Escape Rooms: Pirate’s Adventure

By | March 20, 2019

by Logiclock Escape Rooms (website)


3-5 players

60 minutes

Deaf friendly - contact the venue for details
There has been a secret pirate house discovered in the heart of Nottingham which is full of treasures. Many people have tried to acquire the treasures, however the pirates have always caught them during the mischief and threw them into prison. Up until now, no one has left the pirate shelter alive. The time has come for anyone to outsmart the pirates's leery mentality. What do you need in order to find the final key to escape? Common sense, communication and teamwork.
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A pirate based room in the middle of Nottingham! What else did you expect? Nicely themed but an excessively tough search job and a puzzle that felt like it went beyond being fun, left me feeling mixed about the overall experience.

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