Quest Room: Red Giant

By | March 20, 2019

by Quest Room (website)

Los Angeles

60 minutes

All your life, the Pink Pyramid has stood as a testament to the ancients who built it and the civilization that once stood. Your elders have told you stories about the treasure that lies within, though none who have ventured after it have ever come back the same. As a child you dreamed of being the first to find The Red Giant, the most valuable ruby in the world. Now, you, and your crack team of experts, stand at the mouth of the tomb that will either give you what you've always wanted or doom you for eternity... How far are you willing to go to find The Red Giant!
The Red Giant is an action-packed adventure that goes beyond most escape rooms. Set in the present, your team of archaeologists have made the trek to the "Pink Pyramid," the rumored hiding place of a dazzling ruby and the treasure of the pharaohs. You'll need to think quickly, as oxygen is limited, and escape the tombs, but will it be as billionaire, or cursed forever?
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Los Angeles, Nov 2018

Rated between 4 and 4.5 out of 5
Before playing Red Giant both I and my teammates kept assuming that it would be a space game; however, the name refers not to a type of star but to the fabled gem for which you're searching, somewhere deep inside an Egyptian pyramid, making this one ... (more)

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