Quarantini Boredom Escapes: Escape from Catland

By | February 28, 2021

by Quarantini Boredom Escapes (website)

Help Professor Woofred Barker (VGB) find and destroy the top secret turning-people-into-cats microchip… to save us all from being turned into cats! This is a longer game aimed at slightly more experienced players.
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We're always surprised by the quality of Quarantini Boredom Escapes' games. You can tell the creator put a lot of love and time into it. It's amazing that she's putting these games out for everyone to try for free and all she's asking is for the players to donate to a cause. Definitely give their other games a try as well and if you just started your puzzling journey, try "Acorn Cottage" first. We hope you'll be able to save humankind but if not, turning into one of these cute little things might not be so bad after all?

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