Escape Experience Nashville: Vaccine: Search for the Cure

By | December 28, 2020

by Escape Experience Nashville (website)

501 Union St, Nashville, TN 37219


2-8 players

60 minutes

The year is 2035 and the human race is in a terrible state of pandemic outbreak. Within months of discovering patient zero, 90% of the human population is dead already or worse. You are one of a few known survivors.

Your small group of resilient vigilantes have used their adaptive skills and resourcefulness to avoid infection thus far. Your team has been isolated for months; ever searching for other healthy people, forever on the lookout for the “infected”.

Power and communication grids worldwide have been down for three years. All organized efforts to fight the outbreak have been disbanded, and the extinction of the human race has seemed imminent for some time – until four days ago.

While hiking east towards the coast in search of food and safety, a much needed glimmer of hope arrives when your radio picks up a looping signal luring you and your team with coordinates to an old house in a valley, and with promise of a cure and safety when you arrive.

Could this be the message of salvation you’ve been praying for? Or is it something much worse?

It’s night when you finally arrive at the coordinates just outside an old abandoned house. Did someone bring a flashlight?

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Some games you come to with preconceptions; and I’d heard a lot about Escape Experience Chattanooga’s first avatar game, and how it was an overwhelming flurry of time- and tab-management. That turned out to not at all be true of Vaccine; in fact, due to changes in the technology they’re using, it may now not be true of any of their games.
I should note that we played via Zoom by special request, in place of their normal teleconferencing platform Jitsi. However, they’re now using Telescape as s...
Vaccine - Search for the Cure

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