Escape Experience Chattanooga: Vaccine: Search For The Cure

By | April 8, 2020

by Escape Experience Chattanooga (website)

1800 Rossville Ave, Suite 1, TN 37408

Up to 8 players

Team of 4: £95.00 $131.40
Team of 6: £142.00 $197.10

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In the year 2035, a zombie virus has reduced the population by 90%. Survivors are scattered. Living amongst one of the largest remaining settlements, you are tasked with remotely commanding teams and communicating with special elite forces to find survivors and bring them to safety. During regular surveillance, you pick up a looping radio transmission. According to the broadcast, a man claiming to be Lt. Col. Max Majors of the infectious disease division of the US military has developed a vaccine against the zombie virus. With the coordinates provided from the radio signal, you send your best men to investigate. But something has gone wrong. Your communication with the operatives is cut off. When you are reconnected, only one operative remains. The source of the radio signal has been found; a run-down farmhouse with no signs of life. A horde of zombies is close. You must find the vaccine and get out before the place is overwhelmed. Take command of your operative and search for the cure.
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Some games you come to with preconceptions; and I’d heard a lot about Escape Experience Chattanooga’s first avatar game, and how it was an overwhelming flurry of time- and tab-management. That turned out to not at all be true of Vaccine; in fact, due to changes in the technology they’re using, it may now not be true of any of their games.
I should note that we played via Zoom by special request, in place of their normal teleconferencing platform Jitsi. However, they’re now using Telescape as s...
Vaccine - Search for the Cure

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