Trapped! San Dimas: Operation X-13

By | December 28, 2020

by Trapped! San Dimas (website)

173 Village Ct #105, San Dimas, CA 91773

San Dimas

2-10 players

60 minutes

You have discovered the enigmatic Cybortek corporation has been developing a formula, known as secret formula X-13, which they plan on using to genetically engineer normal people into killing machines for mercenary groups around the globe. You have learned the secret formula is being stored in their headquarters before it is sent to their secret lab for manufacture. Can you sneak into their headquarters and steal the formula while there is still time?
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Although I'm delighted that during this time of lockdown it's possible to play escape rooms remotely via a video livestream, there's no question that I'd much rather play rooms in person, and normally assume that the remote format is an inevitable step down from the live version. Trapped's Operation X-13 is I think the first game I've tried where I think the version they run for remote play might have the edge over the original.
It's a fairly classic sort of escape room scenario: infiltrate the...
If you’re looking for a great room to play from the comfort of your own home, we have to agree with the recommendation we received: This game is definitely one of the best we’ve played

I've had so much fun tonight!

I'm liking these remote escapes more and more. We've just finished an adventure in a room that has already reopened to the public and still continues to offer Operation X-13 in video to gamers around the world.

We spent the evening in Las Vegas on a secret mission. We all think the room was better from a distance than in real life because for us it was the interaction with the Game Master that made all the difference.

Right from the beginning he was in character and got us laughing throughout the game. The "searching" aspect of the game was completely done by him in a very natural way so our team could focus all our energy on the puzzles. We enjoyed this because we didn't feel like we were controlling a robot but rather a real live team member was playing with us and we were in this together.

A mission of global importance requires the highest qualified field operative. Wait, what? We’re sending in that guy? Crap.

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