Fantasy Escape Games: Saving Scrooge: A Holiday Haunt!

By | December 22, 2020

by Fantasy Escape Games (website)

2-7 players

Team of 2: £32.00 $45.00
Team of 4: £50.00 $70.00
Team of 6: £75.00 $105.00

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Inspired from A Christmas Carol, Scrooge has turned away the Spirits of Christmas Past and Present, and now you--the Spirits of Christmas Yet-To-Come--are the last hope to change Scrooge's heart and fill his soul with giving before Christmas morning.
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We started our journey in front of the locked Craven Manor door. One thing we love about their games is that we're always amazed by the next graphic image (a few sneak peeks below). You should definitely keep an open mind on how you'll be able to solve puzzles in this game. Some puzzles are not like ciphers or logic puzzles but more like: "what would I do in this situation?" In audio games, since the players are not limited to what they can do like an actual escape room, the game master has to be ready for all types of answers. Jack does a great job at quick comebacks. He's also quite good at acting out different characters and voices which makes the game feel much more immersive. We actually felt like we were "little Caspers" floating around the castle looking for ways to save our family members.

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