Mysterious Room: Tajemnica Świątyni Majów

By | December 20, 2020

by Mysterious Room (website)

Wynalazek 4, 02-677 Warszawa

1-6 players

£52.00 €60.00

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Player review

Review by cipherdelic expert

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

The first online room from this company and its very well done. With a dedicate camera person as well as your avatar/host you get a great view of this beautifully detailed room, with its little homages to Indiana Jones. You are in the university office of Dr. Jones which is adorned with a host of artefacts and crates and maps and you mission is to retrieve an ancient mayan statue. 
The gameplay isn't rushed and the narrative isn't over complicated. The props are the star of the room with the accompanying puzzles being well themed. The entire game being very well signposted making gameflow excellent. Any text or instructions you need are in English and Polish but these are kept to a minimum and there is no inventory. 
Oh, when we played it was called Indianan Jones, but Its now been renamed to Mayan Temple Mystery (to avoid any Indiana Jones IP issues). 

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