Clue Chase: The Scarab’s Curse

By | December 8, 2020

by Clue Chase (website)

1114 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Up to 6 players

£11.00 $15.90


Hollywood, 1939 – While filming her latest Hollywood film, The Scarab’s Curse, renowned actress Veronica St. Claire was brutally murdered. In order to prevent mass hysteria and the chance of the film being shut down, the producers have locked down the studio and are calling in private investigators to solve the case.

We are sending you to take the place of the actual PIs and find the murderer. The killer could very well be someone we’ve been searching for for some time.

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The concept behind the game really reminded me of "Clue". As we found various pieces of evidences on the movie set and different statements from the cast members, we're able to eventually found out who was the culprit that killed Veronica St. Clair. Our recommended team size for this game is 2-4 people but you can easily play this game on your own. Good luck detective!

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