Fox in a Box London: Virtual Bunker

By | November 20, 2020

by Fox in a Box London (website)

2-6 players

Team of 2: ยฃ50.00
Team of 4: ยฃ80.00
Team of 6: ยฃ120.00

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You wake up to disaster all around you, but there is no time to wallow and feel sorry for yourself. You're the only person who can stop this deadly pathogen being released.A 60 min launch sequence provides just enough time to ravage the bunker looking for clues and solving puzzles in order to deativate the launch sequence.Are YOU the hero the world needs?
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Fox in a Box exceeded our expectations with this room and we had an enjoyable experience. Probably a great room for those new to online escape rooms, but those who have played a few may find this on the easier side.

Virtual Bunker is Fox in a Box Londonโ€™s adaptation of their real life escape room of the same name, minus the โ€˜virtualโ€™ part of course, and they adapt the game for an online audience in a really creative way! For starters, they use both a live actor via Zoom and a digital online interface (Telescape) to collect, log and examine various areas of the room up close.

Fox in a Box has grown into a significant international franchise, but until now I'd never quite managed to play one of their rooms. The branch in Munich seemed like a good chance to change that, and we booked into their Bunker 17 game.
The bunker in question is the Cold War era hideout of one Mr. Fox, who has decided to end his life along with most of humanity by triggering nuclear Armageddon. This translates into plenty of combat gear and Soviet insignia, and a tendency for the puzzles to use...
Five rooms located a little outside the centre of Vienna. Nothing is going to blow you away at the venue but thereโ€™s enough to keep you occupied and a couple of the games had moments that were reasonably memorable and little that would cause frustration. The sort of escape room that probably wonโ€™t attract escape tourists who want to play five or ten games in the city but should be on the list of any enthusiasts who live in the city.
Roomescape Los Angeles โ€” the best place in town to stop Nuclear Armageddon.
Fox in a Box is one of those Escape Room companies that managed to hook us. After our first try, we went back two more times so we could do all three of their rooms. Since we have completed them all, it is finally time for a review โ€“ so here we go. Fox in a Box [โ€ฆ]

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