Escape rooms in Cairo

By | June 14, 2023
Outside the UK we only list games for which we have ratings / reviews - this is only a selection of the escape games available.

Games that have not yet been rated

Planet X: Alicevirtual reality
Alicevirtual reality
Planet X: Chernobylvirtual reality
Chernobylvirtual reality
Planet X: Christmasvirtual reality
Christmasvirtual reality
Planet X: Cyberpunkvirtual reality
Cyberpunkvirtual reality
House of Fearvirtual reality
Planet X: Jungle Questvirtual reality
Jungle Questvirtual reality
Mission Sigmavirtual reality
Planet X: Sanctumvirtual reality
Sanctumvirtual reality
Planet X: Survivalvirtual reality
Survivalvirtual reality
Planet X: The Prisonvirtual reality
The Prisonvirtual reality