Breakout Escape Games: Batman The Batcave

By | September 3, 2020

by Breakout Escape Games (website)

18 General Nicolae C. Dona Street

2-6 players

Gotham city is under attack. The Joker and his henchmen have broken out of Arkham Asylum and they have set free all the other prisoners to wreak havoc on the city!
The first place that they have decided to target is the caped crusader’s hideout, The Batcave, and seek revenge on the one that has imprisoned all of them years ago.
After murdering Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler and close friend, the group of villains have set a series of traps and evil games in the Dark Knight’s hideout to hold him captive.
It is time for Bruce Wayne to once again put on the mask and become Batman, the hero Gotham needs, and escape from his hideout to apprehend the Joker and his allies, bringing justice to the city!
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The atmosphere was actually pretty nice. The cave feel is there from the beginning until the end as it should. One thing that is missing is the 3d-ness of a cave.

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