The Box Escape Game Metz: Casse du Siècle

By | June 24, 2020

by The Box Escape Game Metz (website)

6 Rue Clovis, 57000


2-7 players

60 minutes

On dit que le coffre d’un diamantaire est inviolable.
Dans cet escape game, nous vous mettons au défi de récupérer le plus gros des trésors.
Déjouez la sécurité et repartez plus riche que jamais !
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Pour notre seconde aventure chez The Box à Metz, nous partons pour un cambriolage. Une petite boisson, un regard plein d'envie vers les chocolats (auxquels on n'accède qu'après avoir résolu une énigme) et nous voilà arrivés dans le couloir devant la salle pour le brief. Ici, le brief de sécurité n'est pas fait par la même personne que celle qui nous attend dans le-dit couloir. D'ailleurs, le "pseudo" agent de sécurit...
Making an escape room available for remote play has, for many companies, involved little more than giving a gamesmaster a GoPro. Plenty now also use a separate web-based inventory system, which is invaluable for many games. The Box has gone a great deal further, not just tweaking their heist game but substantially reinventing significant parts of it to turn it into a specifically online experience.
In this game you're committing a diamond heist, guiding your avatar and designated fall guy Bob. ...
Since March 15, the day of the announcement of the confinement, our life as we knew it has changed. Everyone has been affected in one way or another. We have withdrawn into ourselves, locked ourselves up and waited. Being locked up could be a dream for any escape game fan, except that here... Finding a virus in a locked safe with a 5-digit padlock, in a room hidden behind a cabinet, in a Russian lab is not enough. This time, unfortunately, it's more complicated. And it is in this context, more than unfavourable, that some people adapt and create quite incredible things!

(Scroll down for English text.) I was once again going to try a remote Escape Room renowned for the distinctive character of its in-game avatar. This time, though, I sure got what I was asking for! [...] Dear ol' Bob managed to turn what would have been an okay 60-min room, and turn it into a great 75-min one. Some of the game elements were modified to provide a better online experience, and it was definitely the right thing to do.

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