Norcal Escape: Condemned 2

By | June 4, 2020

by Norcal Escape (website)

3076-B Colusa Hwy, CA 95993

Yuba City

1-8 players

£120.00 $150.00

75 mins
remote play

Player review

cipherdelic says:

An excellent game which just the right amount of drama and theatre, enough to develop the narrative but not so much that you're willing it to finish so you can get back to the puzzles. The game is huge and has a wonderful design to it so you'll find yourself all turned around, just like you would if you were actually there. The game has converted will to being played as a virtual, with many of the more physical puzzles being adaprted rather than removed and the puzzles are varied, but all are logical and great signposting is in place (not too obvious).

The camera  work in this game is excellent too, with the camera being held by a non particpant in the game, giving you an 'over the shoulder' view with your friend Cody. This gives it much more of a movie feel and evokes the sense that you're there with Cody and part of his team.

If you do play it, and you escape, then ask the Norcal team nicely if you can see what would have happened if you had failed, its great to see both. 

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
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