Norcal Escape: Condemned 2

By | January 25, 2021

by Norcal Escape (website)

3076-B Colusa Hwy, CA 95993

Yuba City

60 minutes


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So your club does what exactly? Oh…….so where can I find an application?
NorCal Escapes closed the remote version of Condemned 2 a couple of months ago, shifting back to in-person play; I got to play it as a one-off thanks to the TERPECAs voting season. However, it sounds like they may begin offering it again, depending on the lockdown situation, and if they do then you should take the chance to play this excellent game while you can.
It’s called Condemned 2 because it’s a sequel. Apparently in the original game you were escaping from a puzzle-obsessed maniac; in th...

Even though I'm not a real fan of escape rooms with serial killers, in cold, dark and filthy places, I really liked the cinematographic aspect and the staging of this room as well as the large e spaces and the puzzles/ manipulations that fit so well here.

I got a real feeling of adventure with a very raw side, but also a need for survival mixed while it being documented... very strange.

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